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About us

Dear QUAD Friend,

product designs are considered ingenious - or epoch-making - when they served as a model for many others, and when they were obviously impossible to improve over the course of decades.

We are talking about electrostatic loudspeakers, developed more than 60 years ago by a brilliant Englishman named Peter Walker. And it is about the work of QUAD Musikwiedergabe, which brought the production of the electrostatic transducers for the original QUAD ESL from England to Germany in 1995.

Today you can order all QUAD electrostats directly from QUAD Musikwiedergabe. Even the now legendary "Braun LE1" by Dieter Rams can be ordered directly from QUAD Musikwiedergabe. If you are interested in the LE1, you should ask about the delivery times in advance. All electrostats we deliver are based on an old original. Especially in these days, it is important for us and our customers to know that a new consumer product is not being built unnecessarily. Even if the electrostatics we supply are in perfect new condition, they are all based on an existing original pair. Perfectly restored, supplemented with newly produced spare parts or modified in details sensibly and in the sense of the inventor. From a long acquaintance and cooperation with Jürg Jecklin (Jecklin Float) a new version of the original Jecklin Float, the new FLOAT QA has been created. So in Gering new FLOAT QA headphones are produced together with matching new power supply units, or old original Float are restored.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our online store. If you have a question or need something you can't find here in the store, just send us an email. We are looking forward to your message and will be happy to help you with further information.

If you want to see how we work, you are welcome to visit us in the Eifel. Just tell us when you are nearby and we will arrange a little tour around the company …. And we ask the electrostatics to sing for you.

Greetings from the Eifel,

Manfred Stein

owner and CEO