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QUAD-Musikwiedergbe ESL63.2 QA Elektrostatics

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The ESL63.2 QA - the reference

What began as a pure “custom made project” has developed into an independent product. The ESL63.2 QA was developed for use in large rooms.

This is about an electrostatic sound transducer, before the development of which we made particularly high demands:

“It should be big in order to be able to meet the requirements in large rooms. It should play with fine resolution so that a voice or the fine sound of individual acoustic instruments can naturally be reproduced in the room. It should be nice to look at so that it can stand out as a stand-alone eye-catcher in the room. The transducer unit should be height-adjustable in order to be able to serve individual listening conditions ”.

The result is the ESL63.2 QA, which we manufacture in coordination with the customer in various surfaces in lacquer or natural oiled wood.

As with the ESL63 QA, the newly designed frame holds the electrostatic panels precisely and stably in the correct position. In each ESL we use 6 electrostatic panels. The 146.5 cm high main frame is held from behind by a special mechanism and optically floating on a motorized base. At the push of a button, the sound radiating part of the loudspeaker moves to the preferred listening position. Each ESL63.2 QA is handcrafted.

We have the mechanics necessary for the production of the electrostatic panels milled from solid material according to our specifications. This drives up the manufacturing costs considerably, but gives us the opportunity to influence even the finest details. This improves the sound result considerably.

Technical data:
1,5 µbars per volt referred to 1m (i.e. 86dB / 2,83Vrms);
Frequency range: 35Hz-20Khz;
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal; Power consumption: negligibly small;
Mains voltage: 100-120V or 200-240V, 50-60Hz;
Weight: 28Kg; Dimensions: HxWxD: from 155 / to 188 x 73 x 38 cm (including foot and motor lift)

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