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Headphone-amp QA

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Although audio transformers can achieve very good quality with the right design, there are now amplifier concepts available that can be used to drive electrostatic headphones directly. An audio transformeris no longer required. We have found such a design for the Headphone-amp QA. The music quality it achieves is hardly comparable with other power supplies. The high voltage music signal is suplied directly by the amplifier modules. Together with the polarisation voltage we create the static forces to move the extrem light membran of an electrostatic headphone. The music touch our ears with unrivalled precision and extreme naturalness. We build the Headphone-amp QA for owners of the FLOAT QA headphones. Of course the Headphone-amp QA can also drive fully refurbished old original Jecklin FLOAT`s. As we prepared the Headphone-am QA with an additional EHT plus a connection for the use of many Stax headphones it is even possible to drive many Stax models.

technical information:

Input: XLR and RCA, switchable

Outputs: Fischer connectors (FLOAT QA & refurboished original FLOAT`s) and Stax (580V)

Controls: Volume control (frontside) plus level controls right & left (rearside)

Dimensions: (W x D x H) 46 x 37 x 13 cm

Weight: 6 Kg