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TRANSDYN QA preamplifier

TRANSDYN QA preamplifier

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TRANSDYN QA preamplifier

A well designed turntable with a phono pre matching exactly the needs of the used pickup plus the output of the DAC, that`s all a good analog preamp need to handle in modern hifi-systems. Consequently the Transdyn QA comes with two line inputs. A Mono switch and as the key feature the Transdyn system which also gives him the name. Transdyn means an easy to handle dynamic transformation. Background of the idea: In a concert hall very high volume paired with a large dynamic is what it`s all about. Especially in a classic concerts. Compared with a concert hall even a large living room is really small, the dynamic which is able to handle is about 1/3 of the dynamic in a concert hall. Well considered is is a need to transform the original dynamic matching with what is possible in a living room. Transdyn can do this. Easy to handle , just with two controls and with a great effect on the performance.

Technical details:
Dimensions: W x H x D 460 x 170 x 310mm;
2 line inputs; Mono switch; Transdyn system;
Band Width: 20Hz – 20KHz;
AC voltage: 110/120V 220/250V 50-60H

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